DARK MATTER: 95% of the Universe is missing

6 June - 26 August 2019, Science Gallery London

Science Gallery London will explore the elusive building blocks of the Universe with DARK MATTER: 95% of the Universe is missing, a free exhibition and events season combining art, physics and philosophy, and drawing on the latest research from the Faculty of Natural & Mathematical Sciences at King’s College London.

Drawing on her visits to CERN and conversations with physicists at King’s, Yu-Chen Wang’s new large-scale intricate drawing installation will explore the concepts of dark matter and how knowledge is created.


10 April - 24 September 2019, Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona

“Quantica” is a project curated by Mónica Bello and José Carlos Mariátegui, along with the physicist José Ignacio Latorre as the scientific advisor. Artists include Julieta Aranda, Diann Bauer, James Bridle, Juan Cortés, hrm199 (Haroon Mirza & Jack Jelfs), Yunchul Kim, Lea Porsager, Semiconductor, Yu-Chen Wang and Suzanne Treister.

The exhibition was co-produced by ScANNER (the Science and Art Network for New Exhibitions and Research), composed of CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research, Geneva); FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology, Liverpool); CCCB (Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona); IMAL (interactive Media Arts Laboratory, Brussels); and Le Lieu Unique, Nantes. ScANNER was initiated through the Collide lnternational residency Award 2016-2018, a partnership programme between CERN and FACT.


20 February – 26 March 2019, Drawing Room, London

An exhibition and auction of over 200 unique drawings, showcasing the most exciting artists working today. Including works using every imaginable technique, Drawing Biennial 2019 affirms the centrality of drawing to all spheres of artistic production. The exhibition includes more than 200 new and recent works on paper by leading international artists of different generations.


16 February – 26 May 2019, Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea

Rasheed Araeen | Alois Auer | Karl Blossfeldt | Henry Bradbury | Edward Chell | Peter Fillingham | Ori Gersht | Joy Girvin | Fay Godwin | David Heinrich Hoppe | Derek Jarman | Paul de Monchaux | Rosa Nguyen | Pia Östlund | Alicia Paz | Siân Pile | Marc Quinn | Hilary Rosen | Suzanne Treister | Yu-Chen Wang

The 'Tree of Life' is present in many cultures and traditions and understood in a multitude of forms from the genealogical to evolutionary, and from cultural and political hierarchies to growth forms. Phytopia presents a number of works exhibited for the first time, with sculptural pieces by Derek Jarman and Paul de Monchaux and works by Rasheed Araeen alongside nineteenth century Nature Prints and works from the Glynn Vivian collection. Curated by Edward Chell.

Symposium: Phytopia
Saturday 16.02.19, 13:30 - 16:00
Tickets: Booking essential. £5/£3 Concession
Glynn Vivian hosts a symposium examining the themes of the exhibition. Speakers include exhibiting artists, Peter Fillingham, Rosa Nguyen, Alicia Paz, Yu-Chen Wang, and curator Edward Chell.



22 November 2018 - 3 March 2019, FACT Liverpool

Developed as part of the Collide International Award, a partnership programme between Arts at CERN and FACT (2016-2018), Broken Symmetries is a new, international exhibition of artworks exploring the links between art and science, and how both can help to reveal hidden parts of our world.

The exhibition encompasses a wide-range of artistic approaches: reflecting the diverse ways in which scientists and artists are collaborating (or inspiring one another) in both tackling and communicating some of the most elaborate concepts of modern physics and in doing so, provoking new and significant dialogues within wider society. These new works explore ideas and stories traced to the fundamental and philosophical foundations of science, reflecting the current state of discussions around observation and understanding.

The ten international artists included are: Julieta Aranda (MX/DE), Diann Bauer (US/UK), James Bridle (UK/GR), Juan Cortés (CO), hrm199 (Haroon Mirza in collaboration with Jack Jelfs) (UK), Yunchul Kim (SK), Lea Porsager (DK), Semiconductor (UK), Yu-Chen Wang (TW/UK) and Suzanne Treister (UK).

Broken Symmetries is curated by Mónica Bello and José-Carlos Mariátegui, and is co-produced by the ScANNER Network, consisting of: FACT (Liverpool), CCCB (Barcelona), Le Lieu Unique (Nantes), iMAL (Brussels) and Arts at CERN (Geneva). Premiering in the UK, the exhibition will then travel to the partner organisations in Spain, France and Belgium until 2020.



The Center of Contemporary Art Tbilisi (CCA-T)

The 3rd Tbilisi Triennial will explore the topic of ephemeral phenomenon, a faculty of mind that is necessary part of every human action - the will, the fundamental force of movement and evolution, highly individual and universal at the same time.

Within this theme, the Triennial attempts to recall the importance and necessity of this notion in political, social, environmental, economical and other contexts. The Triennial pursues a project-based, decentralized approach where each project will have its own curator, resonating with various and paradox modes will as such can be expressed.
As a dissemination platform, 1st Triennial was held in 2012, initiated and realised by CCA – Tbilisi, focusing on the topic of informal and alternative art education. In July 2014 Tbilisi Triennial became an associated member of the International Biennial Association (IBA). The following year Triennial presented another overlapping topic – S.O.S. – Self Organized Systems. More than 250 artists and 60 partner institutions have participated in the previous editions.
Pān-toh Supra
Drawing upon Andro Semeiko and Yu-Chen Wang’s collective experience and cultural heritage, the artists will transmit fascinating crossovers between Georgia and Taiwan and the UK into a multilayered mise-en-scène. Through presenting an extensive selection of texts, drawings, paintings, film and archival documentations, they continue to pursue their utopian dreams of the future. The artists will create live acts inspired by Georgian supra and Taiwanese roadside banquet involving food sharing, tea ceremonies and the art of toasting, with the participation of the local cultural practitioners and the general public.



Honorary Mention Collide International 2018

Yu-Chen’s central practice is drawing, allowing her to explore and meditate on mechanical and biological forms, and the ways in which their bodily borderlines blur and mutate. From these extemporisations, she then finds collaborative routes that take her work into the realms of fictional text, provoking the subsequent production of sculptural installation, performance, music, and film, in various combinations.

The work of Yu-Chen Wang approaches the history of scientific developments through the life and testimonies of scientist and CERN Archives. During her visit to CERN she explored the poetic narratives –through the use of video and drawings– on the histories of people and technology by establishing parallel lines between the life of scientists such as Maria Fidecaro and historical documents available at the CERN archives.

Yu-Chen Wang is currently developing a new artwork which will be launched in FACT Liverpool in November 2018.



Grand Union, Birmingham

Yu-Chen will be in residence at Grand Union from 21 May to 29 June to explore the stories behind Junction Works; the history of canals, specifically the Grand Union Canal and its Digbeth Branch; technology, machineries and engineering utilised in building the transport network and transforming the industry and people’s life, as well as a wider social context.

She is very interested in Birmingham’s mechanical and engineering history in constructing waterway navigation – the way in which canals’ construction changed nature and our landscape, and nowadays canals gradually became part of nature. The newly established eco-techno-system of evolving wildlife, waterborne culture, the bio-devised nature and communities living afloat intertwine with the relics of industrial past.

Over the residency period, Yu-Chen will create numerous activities, including reading, walking, drawing and writing to explore the canal and the life in and around to engage with the community and general public. The events will be a method for developing and reflecting her research, new work in progress, as well as converting the act of spectating to active participation.


Yu-Chen will work towards developing a new work that will unfold alongside Junction Works’ renovation.

Breakfast Club
Friday 8 June and Friday 22 June

Yu-Chen will be hosting small, get-to-know-you breakfasts at the Gallery to compliment her research. If you would like to join Yu-Chen, please email cheryl@grand-union.org.uk


FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology), Liverpool, UK

Exhibition 22 June - 1 October 2017

The New Observatory, a collaborative exhibition co-produced by FACT and the Open Data Institute (ODI) brings together an international group of artists whose work explores new and alternative modes of measuring, predicting, and sensing the world today through data, imagination and other observational methods.

Yu-Chen Wang's new work I Wish To Communicate with You comprises of a large-scale drawing, mapping the diverse sites and technologies that relate to the old Liverpool and Bidston Observatories and their legacies today. Her unique style of drawing renders this network of places, communities, and instruments, as a vast evolving assemblage. Alongside this work Yu-Chen will install flags depicting designs reworking traditional semaphore iconography for the 21st century, in both FACT and atop Bidston Lighthouse and Observatory, linking the sites and reawakening Bidston’s 200-year history as site of flag-based communication. Wang will also be on a residency in Liverpool, based at Metal, for two months during the exhibition, developing a sci-fi in collaboration with writer Nathan Jones, an accompany film project and delivering observational drawing workshops at FACT.

Curated by Sam Skinner (FACT, Liverpool) and Hannah Redler Hawes (ODI, London)

The New Old Observatory Talk
Thursday 22 June / 3.30pm - 4.45pm / FACT The Box / FREE, booking required

Do Something Saturdays: Drawing from Life Workshop Young People
Saturday 15 July, 5 August / 12pm - 4pm / FACT / FREE, drop-in

Future Station: Yu-Chen Wang Talk
Tuesday 8 August / 6.30-8.30pm / Metal, Edge Hill / FREE, booking required

Yu-Chen Wang Screening Film Premiere of film I Wish To Communicate with You 
Wednesday 27 September / 6.30pm / FACT The Box / FREE, booking required

A new commission for FACT supported by Ministry of Culture, Taiwan and by using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.


Artist in residence Yu-Chen Wang


Yu-Chen Wang is working with Metal Liverpool to undertake artist in residence at Edge Hill Station, the world’s oldest active passenger railway station. She will use the original 1836 Engine House, Boiler Room and Accumulator Tower as temporary studio space to develop new work for FACT's exhibition The New Observatory


Seoul Museum of Art, South Korea

A Point of Departure 出發 2017

Yu-Chen Wang presents a series of images, videos and notes taken over the past 12 weeks. A Point of Departure is a compilation of research materials that documents and reflects her new findings on her first visit to Seoul and Jeju. She is particularly interest in South Korea's contemporary history and how it's related to her Taiwanese origin.


Annotations artist in residence Yu-Chen Wang


August 2016 - January 2017

Yu-Chen Wang’s newly commissioned work for Outset Study at Drawing Room combines discoveries from a recent visit to the remote Taiwanese Pacific Island of Lanyu (literally translated Orchid Island) with her experience of open-ended reading sessions in Outset Study. 

The culmination of an intense period of travel and work, these two experiences have enabled the artist to re-engage with her creative process. The resulting work draws a parallel between these two distant and disparate places, which occupy a kindred place in the artist’s mind. It seeks to understand such spaces of isolation and meditation, pondering their idiosyncratic systems and obsolete technologies, out of step with the current pace of life, and ultimately probe their generative and regenerative potential.

A conversation between the artist and Outset Study librarian Yamuna Ravindran can be seen here.

Annotations is a series of artist residencies resulting in new commissions for Outset Study. Supported by Veronique Parke and Outset Contemporary Art Fund. 


Yu-Chen Wang in conversation with independent curator Kit Hammonds



As part of Nostalgia for the Future, Yu-Chen Wang: An Introspective Retrospective at Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan (Apr-May 2016), Yu-Chen Wang is in conversation with independent curator, Kit Hammonds. This video is made for exhibition 30 Years of CFCCA | Yu-Chen Wang at Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art, Manchester, UK (Jun-Jul 2016).

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