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Pan-toh Supra 2017-18

In collaboration with Andro Semeiko; live performance; HD film (10'00")

Drawing upon Andro Semeiko and Yu-Chen Wang’s collective experience and cultural backgrounds, the artists transformed fascinating crossovers between Georgia and Taiwan into new performance work and film. The artists undertook field research to Andro's native Guria to explore the history of tea industry in Georgia as a starting point for rethinking the relationship between land and identity. Inspired by Georgian supra (feast) and Taiwanese pan-toh (roadside banquet) they have created a live event of social gathering that involves food sharing, tea ceremony, music, singing and the art of toasting with the participation of Batumi/Tbilisi-based cultural practitioners as well as the general public.

Specially designed and cooked by the artists in collaboration with local chefs, ten Georgian-Taiwanese dishes using locally-sourced ingredients were served.

Andro Semeiko and Yu-Chen Wang Georgia 2


Beyond Happy End

28 Jul - 18 Aug 2017

Contemporary Art Space, Batumi

3rd Tbilisi Triennial

1 Oct - 1 Nov 2018

Center of Contemporary Art - Tbilisi (CCA-Tbilisi)

Sergei Parajanov: Reminiscence

8-10 March 2019

Close-Up Cinema, London

Andro Semeiko and Yu-Chen Wang, Trip to Georgia, 2018, slideshow, 150 pictures

Pan-toh Supra was first presented at Contemporary Art Space, Batumi (2017) as part of Beyond Happy End, a two-person exhibition by Andro Semeiko and Yu-Chen Wang. Batumi, a Black Sea resort and port city, is the capital of the Georgian republic of Adjara, where both artists consider as a place close to home – Andro was born and brought up in neighboring Guria while Batumi’s subtropical nature resembles the landscape of Yu-Chen’s native Taiwan.

The following year, Pan-toh Supra took place at the Wine Factory in Tbilisi marking the opening of Tbilisi Triennial 2018. The 3rd Tbilisi Triennial explored the topic of ephemeral phenomenon, a faculty of mind that is necessary part of every human action - the will, the fundamental force of movement and evolution, highly individual and universal at the same time. Within this theme, the Triennial attempts to recall the importance and necessity of this notion in political, social, environmental, economical and other contexts. The Triennial pursues a project-based, decentralized approach where each project has its own curator, resonating with various and paradox modes will as such can be expressed.

Supported by Ministry of Education, Science, Culture, and Sport of Georgia, Tbilisi City Hall, National Culture and Arts Foundation, Taiwan. With thanks to Tbilisi Triennial team: Wato Tsereteli, Marika Jabua, Lexo Soselia, Gocha Jgenti, Meri Tatarashvili; chef: Ninutsa Shatberashvili; Tbili Sio; Culinarium Cooking School; musicians: Davit Shughliashvili, Davit Zaqiashvili, Davit Tsertsvadze; camera: Malkhaz Shermadini, Zaza Shukvani; and to the following participants: Mamuka Japaridze, Bruce Allan, Novvy Allan, Maia Naveriani, Angus Ledley-Brown, Irine Popiashvli, Lali Pertenava, Marcel Bleuler, Anna Rozon, George Klibadze, Dato Papava, Levan Chogoshvili, Irma Sharikadze, Ira Silanteva, Keti Shavgulidze, Nana Kirmelashvili, Mari Ataneli, Salome Dadunashvili, Manana Antelidze and Lily Antelidze Semeiko-Wang.

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