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The Song of the Machines 2012

Artist's book published by CFCCA and distributed by Cornerhouse Publications

Yu-Chen Wang’s quasi-fictional book features stories about the artist’s life and her practice. Reality and fiction are blurred through the display of new work, documentation, critical texts and creative writing.

Her work explores the notion of representation, distortion and transformation, and the transitional space between them. Using a mixture of drawings, objects, installation, performance and film, the artist constructs visual narratives to explore the concept of machines and energy, and art’s potential in dreaming of, and hoping for, a better future.

The unusual layout of this book invites the viewer to determine their own experience of it – flipping it round, reading it from back-to-front – or, however the reader chooses – reflecting Yu-Chen’s studio practice where large-scale drawings are often hung at different angles, each time inviting another visual reading of the work.

Taking the multi-layered and multi-faceted collection of work that was The Splash and A Last Drop one step further, a book entitled The Song of the Machines brought together images from the filmed performance at Manchester’s Victoria Baths, plus artwork, documentation, essays and fiction. Its colourful format, including a “wraparound” cover showing one of Yu-Chen’s colourful drawings, and many impressive photographic double-page spreads, brings together further the artist’s interests in the industrial past, the uncertain present and hope for the future.

Buy now £12.00 from Cornerhouse Publications

Supported by Grants for the Arts, Arts Council England.


25 Oct 2012

CFCCA, Manchester

Incl. talk by Bob Dickinson

24 Nov 2012

The New Art Gallery Walsall

Incl. talk by Sophia Crilly

2 DEC 2012

Hayward Gallery, London

Incl. talk by Chelsea Pettitt and Jennifer Thatcher

Artist: Yu-Chen Wang

Author(s): Andro Semeiko, Sophia Crilly, Bob Dickinson, Rudyard Kipling , Georgia Korossi, Nicolas de Oliveira/Nicola Oxley, Chelsea Pettitt, Jennifer Thatcher

Publisher: CFCCA, Manchester

Distributor: Cornerhouse Publications

ISBN: 9780954544089

Format: softback

Pages: 96

Illustrations: 96 colour illustrations

Dimensions: 250x160mm

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