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Solo exhibition featuring 3-channel video (28'29"), drawing, text, objects and performance, dimensions variable

Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (CFCCA) welcomes back Yu-Chen Wang to close the 30 Years of CFCCA anniversary programme. During this six-month programme a series of changing exhibitions has showcased new work by artists from CFCCA’s history, all who have since gone on to achieve international recognition.

In 2011, Yu-Chen participated in CFCCA’s Breathe residency programme, during which she explored Manchester’s industrial history. This culminated in the publication of her first artist’s book The Song of the Machines in collaboration with CFCCA in 2012.

For this new multilayered exhibition, Yu-Chen reflects on her recent retrospective Nostalgia for the Future, Yu-Chen Wang: An Introspective Retrospective, shown at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum (TFAM) to respond to the question: how might we use exhibitions to remember the past?

Nostalgia for the Future, exhibited in her native country of Taiwan, explored Yu-Chen’s journey to becoming an artist, her experience of life in the UK where she has been based for the past 15 years, and the relationship between memory and identity through an extensive selection of texts, images, documentation and re-enactments. At CFCCA, Yu-Chen showcases works that re-construct her two-month experience in Taipei – playing with the “retrospective” exhibition format in order to seek a new way of re-telling a story.

This collection includes contributions from Andro Semeiko, White Fungus, Ming-Jiun Tsai, Yi-Hsin Nicole Lai, Kit Hammonds, Pei-Yi Lu, Helen and Elizabeth Wewiora, and Bob Dickinson.


30 Years of CFCCA | Yu-Chen Wang

24 Jun - 31 Jul 2016

Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art, Manchester


The Island performance

23 Jun 2016

Breakfast Club

24 Jun 2016

Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art, Manchester

Supported by Arts Council England, National Culture and Arts Foundation, Taiwan and Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government. With thanks to CFCCA: Zoe Dunbar, Ying Tan.

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